Deathbot - Cold Wind Revival (FREE Album Download!)


COAST TO COAST INDIE ARTISTRY: Deathbot is probably the last name you might expect to hear attached to an experimental acoustic guitar and piano project from Southern California... But hold up, the strange name begins to make strange sense when you consider this band's unique roots.

Deathbot is the indie-americana product of singer songwriters R. Mansfeld & Joseph James, former frontmen for New York's punk rap group Turbulence & Calibrate and the California alt-country band, Big Wheels. With a revolving cast of friends from San Francisco and LA, Deathbot has crafting songs in the mix and vein of the indie, Americana, and alt-country. With a little help from their friends, Mansfield and James have been performing their music and picking up music influences along the way. Deathbot have finished the final preparations for Cold Wind Revival - their latest album and now they are giving it away for free... Yes - for free!

We've shared two pretty incredible new tracks below - you'll need to visit the band's website to check out the exceptional single "Bombs in Bloom " and the rest of this hot new record.


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