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Tonight in Boston!


Live in Boston tonight: Mates of State at the Paradise Rock Club, doors at 7pm. As of the publication of this piece, tickets were still available!

Hey there, BragginBilly here. The last few days (here and here) we have been telling you about our project to assemble the Best of List for Albums released in the First Half of 2008. (Here's the list from 2007.) One thing was immediately clear - We wanted to tell you about this one in time for the Mates of State show in Boston tonight.

Another Top Album in 2008: We recommend: "Re-Arrange Us" from Mates of State. This one is a successful follow up from 2006's "Bring It Back" - a personal favorite.

RE-ARRANGE US: Although somewhat ironically named, "Re-Arrange Us" picks up right where "Bring It Back" left off. It's a great CD top to bottom that never leaves you with the feeling that you're hearing the same songs again. No re-hashing, just more good tunes on the same vibe.

BEST OF 2008: the new one from Mates of State

For the uninitiated, Mates of State are a husband and wife team - and a talented one at that. Josh Hammel (drums) and Kori Gardner (piano and organ) are generating some of the best harmonies out there today. Hammel's understated drumming shows off a sophisticated sense of rhythm, and Gardner combines her intimate singing voice with fine work on the keys. I saw them twice last year when they were almost a trio...(Kori was very pregnant at the time and has since given birth to the couple's second daughter.) Both shows were unforgettable!

From the Re-Arrange Us album:
Mates of State - Now

Here's Your Chance: Check out Mates of State tonight in Boston at the The Paradise. Tickets were not sold out last night and there should be some available at the door tonight before show time.

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