The Phish Reunion

Are you Ready for The Return of the World's Greatest Jam Band?
I'm no hippie but I did grow up in Vermont with it's music in my ears and in my blood. It's a great place to be young. I must have seen this band - Phish - play close to 20 times. And while I moved away and my music tastes changed, that kind of foundation is hard to ignore. Phish for me is a personification, of sorts, of Vermont and vitality.

Bouncing around the Room: Phish

Far from perfect, Old VT is a place that is still capable of adding a lot of character. This is certainly true in the case of Phish. As the waters begin to circle (faithful rumors that the group is reforming to tour and record begin to stir...) I share some tracks with you, share some news and glide with you for a while.

Phish - Sparkle
Recorded 12.30.93 - Worcester, MA

Phish - Wilson
Recorded at the Roma Bar 7.29.88 - Telluride, CO

Phish - The Ballad of Curtis Lowe
Skynard cover recorded at Nectar's 4.29.87 - Burlington, VT

Phish - You Enjoy Myself
Recorded 8.12.88 - Vernon, NY

Special Thanks to Jeremy!

Phish took their "Final Bow" in 2004

Phish Are (from left) Page McConnell (keys and vocals), Trey Anastasio (vocals and guitars) ,Jon Fishman (drums, vocals, vaccuum) and Mike Gordon (bassist and vocals)

Comments from three of the four members (does anyone have a comment from Fishman?) indicate the group is in discussion to reform, record and tour as soon as this year... That can only mean the return of the true jam band. (Move over My Morning Glory.)

The Word on the big Get Together from:
Trey Anastasio (now a solo artist with a 2008 album release)
Mike Gordon (now a solo artist with a 2008 album release)
Page McConnell (wicked new)


March2theSea said…
i am ready for their return.
JS said…
Who isn't?
Anonymous said…
I'm not.
Chus said…
This is what I think: Phish Reuniting For 2009 Shows

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