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NEW YORK, NY: I have yet to say a word (not a solitary peep) about 2008 blog band Vampire Weekend - and decided to give the NYC trend-setters a mention today after I gave their CD a listen over the long holiday weekend. Their music isn't awe-inspiring nor is it life-changing, but it is light-hearted (perfect for some listening - certainly great for a drive in the car) and - overall, most entertaining. RSL Album Rating: 3.75 Stars / 5 Stars

Vampire Weekend played Bonnaroo this year - photo by Punk Photo

Vampire Weekend - the Oxford Comma video

Band - Web / Myspace


Justin Snow said…
I gotta say, this is one of those bands that gets a lotta hype and praise for no reason. Their music to me is pretty generic. Fun, yeah, but nothing special. I feel the same way about Hercules & Love Affair.

And I don't think it's just about being let down after hearing such great things about a band. I think I'd feel the same way if someone said, "Hey, I think this band is pretty mediocre. Give it a listen and let me know what you think."
Ryan Spaulding said…
The band isn't earth-shattering, if that's what you mean. I would have to agree. The songs are light, fun affairs. But - on the other hand, there's nothing ugly about their music - it just won't change your life. For that reason, I place the band is the same sort of popular category as the Ting Tings. (A duo that sound very different, but whose songs have the same sort of effect on me.) Both bands are making fun, frivilous music intended not for the ages - but for right now.
Justin Snow said…
I like the way you put that. You're right. They won't change your life but they are making fun music for right now. I guess a lot worse could be said about other bands.
Anonymous said…
I say blech to the criticisms that they're not pushing music forward or this and that.

They're fun music; what more could you want?

And if Blake doesn't immediately stuck in your head you're a robot (or zombie).

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