Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street (1972)

One Year = One Million Views! I posted this video just 12 months ago and this clip has been enjoyed by 1,118,000 music enthusiasts from around the world. This cut is righteous and that's a beautiful thing!

Whenever anyone asks me what I like to listen to when I get stressed or catch a case of the blues... I often will tell them Stevie Wonder. It just doesn't get a better than Stevie Wonder. Period. I kind of felt like that today. Nothing serious though - just a little frustrated. So, I turned on this utterly incredible video of Stevie Wonder and his band playing Sesame Street in '72.

Watch the video and check these cats out. Utterly insane. I challenge you to name one musician or group better than this today. Don't hold your breath.

Superstition live on Sesame Street.

Can you name the players? I have a few listed here, I think - but not all. You are invited to make suggestions and/or corrections. Do your best - the picture quality isn't the best - but the music record is sensational!

The Band: Keys and VocalsStevie Wonder; Guitars - Ray Parker and Ralph Hammer; Bassist - Scottie Edwards; Drums - Ollie Brown; Sax - Lou Marini; Horn - Steve Madaio.


Anonymous said…
ah, back when Sesame Street wasn't lame.

Unknown said…
Look at the Orange amps! Stevie always was cool- that clavinova sounds fabulous through the Oranges!
March2theSea said…
this is the version i longed for at the comcast center a week or so luck.
Unknown said…
Wait... Sesame Street has become lame?!! Aw...

You go, Stevie...

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