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Summer Heat, Summer Toil: It has already been the most commercially productive year of Joseph Arthur's life. Having already released three EP albums in 2008, Arthur (a native of Akron, Ohio) unleashed his fourth; "Foreign Girls" just yesterday!

Appearing both as a solo artist and as the lead of The Lonely Astronauts, Arthur has made quite an impression. Peter Gabriel and Lou Reed were both there for Arthur's big "coming out" gig in 2000. After a period of local touring in Atlanta, Arthur toured with Tracy Chapman in 2003. By 2005, Arthur had toured throughout both the US and Europe. During that time, Arthur who is also an accomplished painter, began publicly exhibiting his work. He could be one of the most prolific modern artists of our time.

Perhaps Joseph Arthur's most famous work to date is his beautiful song "In the Sun" which was covered by R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe Coldplay's Chris Martin in 2006 for a Hurricane Katrina Relief benefit.

Artist Joseph Arthur has been very busy

TONIGHT: Appearing in Boston - Arthur will appear at The Paradise tonight in a special acoustic evening with Anna Ternheim. This should be a very special performance!

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