Birdmonster - From the Mountain To the Sea

One of Our Favorites:

Southern California's Birdmonster will release their new record, From the Mountain To the Sea, on the FADER label in just a few weeks. Digital downloads of the material will be made available online beginning on August 5th. Hard CDs won't be available until September 2nd. Here's a sneak peak --

The New Single from Birdmonster:
"Born To Be Your Man"

Birdmonster - Balcony



Anonymous said…
I believe these guys are from San Francisco and not SoCal...
Ryan Spaulding said…
If you read the blog frequently enough - I tend to credit the bands from where they started and not where they ended up hitting it "big".

Birdmonster's founding members live in and started performing in the San Diego area before locating to San Francisco, CA.

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