Fujiya & Miyagi - A New Album and Tour

One to Watch in 2008:

Fujiya & Miyagi - Just Keep Getting Better

In 2007, a year which F&M played SxSW and the Pitchfork Music Festivals, they added a third member. Dave Best (vocals, guitar and keys), Steve Lewis (beats, backing vocals and keys) and Matt Hainsby (bass, keys and backing vocals) performed all the sounds recorded on Fujiya & Miyagi without traditional drums. Well, that was until now...

According to Filter, a fourth member will soon be added - just in time for their album tour supporting their sophomore release: The Lightbulbs album will be released on Sept. 16th

Lightbulbs Tracklist:
1. Knickerbocker Glory
2. Uh
3. Pickpocket
4. Goosebumps
5. Rook To Queen's Pawn Six
6. Sore Thumb
7. Dishwasher
8. Pteradactyls
10. Pussyfooting
11. Light Bulbs
12. Hundreds And Thousands

Fujiya & Miyagi's decision to add a full-time drummer can only mean one thing for certain: More Live Shows and Touring. For people who have heard the band and were blown away by their beats - that's just fine!

Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries Video
The Recommended Extended Version


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