Bo Diddley!

Bo Diddley's passing this week made me think on the man's legacy
He was a musical pioneer and a real character (America needed both)

Bo Diddley!

A dominant persona and a key figure in the transition from blues to modern rock, Bo Diddley will forever have a presence in American music. He helped create the stage on which all future performances would be carried out. The paradigm shift cannot be understated. Bo directly influenced three generations of musicians, and he will impact another three without them even knowing it.

Bo Diddley - 1966

Listen to that guitar!

The Boston Globe's Joan Anderman wrote a wonderful piece on Bo's passing this week and touched on why the man's impact should not be understated. You can find her words HERE. And HERE's another great write-up from yesterday's Aquarium Drunkard Blog.

One of My favorite covers - RARE
The Animals recorded this cover of "Bo Diddley"
Live at the Whiskey A Go Go (Newcastle) 1962:
The Animals - Bo Diddley

Thinking of Bo Diddley, two great quotes come to mind: "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties," Erich Fromm. And then there's this beaut about artistic souls forged in fire from Nietzsche; "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."


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Hey, You guys should check out this amazing tribute to Bo Diddley here:
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Another blog on Bo...

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