Adventures with John Williams - A Look at the new Indiana Jones Soundtrack


A Look at John Williams' Work on the Soundtrack for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:
[Editor's Note: From here forward the title for this film will only be referred to as "Crystal Skull" or "Indie 4."]

The soundtrack, released on Concord Records, is in stores now.

I don't listen to much orchestra, but through my passion of powerful music and film - I have joined the legions who have come to appreciate John Williams' expansive body of work. Since the introduction of sound in movies, the role of music has been instrumental in their success. First dubbed in as filler and independent of the images...

Compositions and songs have shaped our visual film experiences by finding new depths through textural sound. Long before 3-D, great music soundtracks had already helped transported a new generation to strange new worlds. This of course brings me to the discussion of great soundtrack geniuses.

Say hello to John Williams. The worthy possessor of five Oscars and more Grammy Awards than I can count, Williams is the creator of the epic sounds behind Star Wars. He was instrumental in making you cry during E.T. You were witness to the majestic in Jurassic Park. He made you fear the water in Jaws. Williams lifted you up in the Harry Potter series. You were changed by his stuff in Schindler's List. And now Williams has provided the soundtrack for two of the movies in the Indiana Jones series (Raiders of the Lost Ark and Crystal Skull in case you were wondering). It is with this impressive body of work in mind that I visit the Indie 4 Soundtrack. A brilliant change of pace.

John Williams

The new soundtrack is good. But here's why John Williams is So Great... A sampling of the greatest works to ever grace movies.... A great selection:

Listen/Buy the New Soundtrack at a reduced rate:
John Williams / Indiana Jones at


Dan said…
I dunno... I think John Williams has played out too much for me. He's a musical great and has written some of the most memorable moments in movie history... but I guess I'm tired of him (and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for that matter). :)

Where's the new crop of epic movie scoring? Danny Elfman covers the Tim Burton/oddity niche very well. I dig Jonny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood. But, where's some young blood for the epic movies? When can we have someone unseat Johnny Williams?

Maybe I'm asking too much... :rolleyes:

Wendy said…
no one needs to unseat him! he is the greatest of all time! i have had the pleasure of seeing him conduct his music at the hollywood bowl pretty much every summer since i was born, and his music kept me, even as a young child, entertained the whole time. now that i am in college and majoring in film, i listen to every soundtrack with him and his amazing works in mind. music is a HUGE part of film and he has been instrumental (pun intended) in making these films classics. period. thank you so much for recognizing him!

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