A Bit of Glasgow in Boston - Don't Miss THE HERMIT CRABS

RSL sez: Love that Glaswegian Sound!

A very beautiful thing happens tonight. Scotland's The Hermit Crabs have crossed the Atlantic to play just 2 dates in the States. One of those is at PA's Lounge in Somerville tonight!

The Hermit Crabs, a wonderful example of the light hearted, melodic Glaswegian Sound, will hold session this eve with the groovy throwbacks The Specific Heats - who are themselves preparing for a summer tour. If you were waiting for a special night to go out and see something unique this one's a winner!
The Hermit Crabs

Live tonight - One area show @ PA's Lounge in Somerville

The Hermit Crabs
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PA's Lounge Tonight!

Also Appearing tonight at PA's:
One Happy Island and Shai Erlichman


Thanks for posting this. I had no idea they were playing our fair city.

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