Wild Sweet Orange and David Ford tonight!

David Ford and Wild Sweet Orange:
AUGUSTANA opening acts are hot

Pop darlings Augustana, they with the breakthrough single "Boston", arrive in our city tonight playing the Paradise. The San Diego band comes well supplied with two remarkable opening acts; David Ford and Wild Sweet Orange. The Doors for this 18+ show open at 7pm. Don't be late or you will miss the best music of the night:

David Ford is a Sonic Dynamo

Opening up tonight at the Paradise is one of my favorite live solo acts. The UK's David Ford is a master of the loop pedal allowing him to pull off some pretty amazing stunts. I have seen people's jaws on the floor before when they heard his gritty, emotive voice and his beautiful piano-playing. Having seen Ford play live a few times now I can tell you he doesn't disappoint. Check out my most recent writeup with video - here. If you are going to the show tonight get there early enough so you don't miss this guy! I have included a rare Smiths cover here. Click the link above to check out "Go To Hell" - which is far more upbeat. I just wanted to share something rare and cool this time!

One Bright Future: Wild Sweet Orange

Wild Sweet Orange is the crisp clean sound of modern indie pop. I heard this band's music back at the beginning of the year and have looked forward to seeing them live ever since. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama - they carry with them elements of southern styling but have a worldly sensibility. Here's what I wrote about their first EP and the single "Wrestle with God." There is a whole lot to like...

Paradise Rock Club - Tonight at 7pm
David Ford / Wild Sweet Orange / Augustana


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