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Ben, Tommy and Jesse

It's kind of like the indie rock version of stage cabaret and high energy pop all wrapped up in one. The songs from Live and Let Ghosts - the brand new release from Jukebox the Ghost, are experimental and exciting. All in all, a fun and intellectual affair.

Probably the most impressive thing the band has done was to re-invent their song structures to match the reality... While the group has three parts, JBTG are in fact a modern piano band with a good guitarist and a solid drummer. There is no bass guitar. It's a refreshing take in 2008 and definitely earns this hardworking band (fresh off of 8 months of heavy touring) a spot in the RSL One to Watch list.

On the new album, Jukebox's Ben Thornwell (piano/vocals), displays examples of heady wordplay in the memorable Jukebox the Ghost songs, "Hold it In,";"Under My Skin," and "Lighting Myself on Fire." I found it was damn hard to not like the band's addictively poppy song, "Good Day." That song and a good remix version are up on the band's myspace page. Jukebox's Tommy Siegel (guitar/vocals) disputes the outwardly sunny appearance of the songs evidenced here with two tracks that sound upbeat but really aren't (these songs are my favorites right now:) "Fire in the Sky" and "Where Are All the Scientists Now." Without a bassist, Drummer Jesse Kristin has to hold down the fort. He drums loudly and frantically enough to fill the space left by the guitar and counterbalances the piano. It's a lot of work and he pulls it off admirably.

The New Album: Live & Let Ghosts


Stream some songs and learn more about the band.


Anonymous said…
Hey there- we did an interview with Ben from Jukebox the Ghost. Check it out. It's a fun interview. - J
hunta said…
Hey. Its the Sunday Mail!

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