Cuts Like a... JACKSONKNIFE - Hot New Indie Rock!


Today's Artist of the Day is the enigmatic and eternally upbeat (it seems) Jacksonknife. This New York indie rock five-piece has a great summer sound but the real star here might be the superior musical arrangements and the recording quality on their new release: the You Don't Know What You're Talking About EP. The diverse sound and dynamic song structure are well served by Kyle "Slick" Johnson's production abilities (Modest Mouse and The Hives).

This is one fun band.
The timing of the EP release is simply criminal - I'm going to be listening to these six songs all summer long. As it is - I already have a pair of the Jacksonknife songs; "Truthfully" and "Healthy Diets" stuck in my already cluttered head. Jacksonknife is one to watch in 2008!

Jacksonknife is One Hot Ticket



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