Flashback :: DELTA SPIRIT - 2007's ALBUM of the YEAR

Work Hard.. Live Right... Love Life. Simple Life Lessons which could have been uttered by America's hardscrabble Nineteenth Century pioneers. Some of these hard-living pioneers are depicted inside the album cover of Delta Spirit's masterful "Ode to Sunshine" album (RSL Album of The Year - 2007).

DELTA SPIRIT'S latest record is an homage, of sorts, for the blue-collar souls and pioneers: the hard livin', hard drinkin, and people dyin' young on life's edge with not much to show for it. The album cover depicts a vintage photo of a monster tornado attacking a grey landscape.

The storm depicted here in the cover is the oldest known tornado photograph. This bleak image was taken in South Dakota in August 1884. By personal accounts the storm captured was a dark, powerful monster. It's selection for the cover of this album cannot be understated. The irony is these songs are full of light and playful - but stretched over a dark, hard landscape.

Ryan's Smashing Life - 2007 Album of the Year

Late in the Year,... This Masterful Record

Hit Play and Walk into a Dusty Saloon, stepping into a past you never knew. There is something epic and dangerous about these songs. Each of the tracks has a very intentional soft fuzz sound. (Excellent production qualities here, track after track!) The next song comes and the piano jangles a lonely tune while the voice rise in defiance of boredom, of sobriety, of, perhaps, living in the moment all-the-while knowing tomorrow is full of hard labor. Ode to Sunshine is all about living through the pain and realizing know you are still lucky to be alive.

Know just one thing: Ode to Sunshine is an incredible album - one of the best of the year. Delta Spirit was already a personal favorite band. But hey, congratulations boys! With this release - you are one of the best bands in the world right now. You heard it here first!

Southern California's Delta Spirit


Delta Spirit - Trashcan




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