Evan Dando sings "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" with URGE OVERKILL's Nash Kato


BOSTON - It was a decidedly experimental trip back through time Tuesday as Boston homeboy Evan Dando took the stage at the Paradise. Dando's Lemonheads performed a brisk cover of the fast-paced classic album: "It's a Shame About Ray." They had performed the album before a live audience fewer than 10 times - preparing the material initially for Dando's re-emergence at the SxSW Music festival last month in Austin, Texas. In a way, last night's Boston performance was an expansion of that feeling and those shows... But, it was also something much more. The real interesting part of the evening came when that album's material had been quickly burned through.


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Dando, who wore a Flying Burrito Brothers tee-shirt up on stage, saved his best for last. He performed solo for a bit - the stage lights beaming down on him alone.

His style was ridiculously easy-going (as if there was nothing simpler than playing old songs before a packed house in Boston.) Dando leaned into the microphone briefly - appearing a bit like Billy Bragg, before shrugging off the stage light and collapsing into a familiar, comforting guitar riff. This is the role Dando was born to play - and he knows it!

Then, suddenly, Dando was joined on stage by a familiar but MOST UNEXPECTED FACE. It was Nathan "Nash Kato" Katruud from Urge Overkill!! The pair tore into a brief solo which quickly unfolded into UO's "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon." - Their performance of the Pulp Fiction classic wasn't particularly smooth or exceptionally lovely, but it was absolutely real and 100-percent, - - one of a kind!

Nash Kato

Dando and Nash were both smiling ear to ear throughout. Dando apologized to the crowd for the lack of preparation for the song, explaining that this was really a one-shot and there was no time to practice. Though their performance together was labored - it was a sight to see. Truly, a moment!!!

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Unknown said…
Forgot about this show... now I know why you weren't at Malin last night. That was a fabulous solo acoustic show with piano last night!
video and setlist over at:

I have some pretty awful pictures, but the camera battery died before Nash came out, so nothing on that...

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