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There's not much out there like the music of David Ford. With his use of loop pedals and multi-instruments, he's definitely one of the most innovative live stage performers. Today I present to you, the World Premiere Video of David Ford performing Go To Hell - recorded in studio on a single take!

If you like what you see (and how couldn't you possibly? I mean, this is amazing....) there is a lot more David Ford material out there. Mr. Ford, who is decent to talk to, has a remarkable album of hits "Songs for the Road" (2007). For those of you in Boston, David Ford has been added to the sold out Sara Bareilles show at the Paradise on 4/22. If you miss that one, no fear, David will be back to jar Boston's collective soul in a highly recommended bill with a favorite band: Wild Sweet Orange in support of Augustana at the Paradise on May 19th - get in on that one now before it sells out.

DAVID FORD Live in Studio

(recorded in a single take)
"Go To Hell"

David Ford Myspace / Web
David Ford fan page

David Ford special to the RSL:

Stage Presence (recommended)


Wibbler said…
There's a whole website of David Ford stuff here:

Ryan Spaulding said…
Hi Dave, you'll see I already linked the Fan Site in my blog post above. Thanks for stopping by!

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