The Crowd Parted for Me - The Latest RSL Mix

The New RSL Tape is here!

The Crowd Parted by artist John Clark

Stream this one today. Thank me later!
Today's Mix

Also check out the
The Last Muxtape (from Thursday)

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Anonymous said…
best rsl muxtape yet as far as I am concerned... Are you aware of anywhere to purchase letters & colours music anymore, digital or otherwise? thanks!
Ryan Spaulding said…
Hi Anon. Aren't Letters and Colours just incredible?! Sadly, the Sheffield, UK band disbanded last year. Here's the link to the band's myspace where you can check out some more music. I do post some of their stuff periodically. The singer and guitarist for L+C writes me every so often. Here's the link to Gerry's 2006 guest post in which he makes his Brit Indie Rock Picks!
PGYx said…
Thank you for helping me to jump on the muxtape bandwagon. My first muxtape is at

I love yours and hope you'll keep them coming. I'm happy to see one of my favorite Sure Juror tunes in the Saturday mix!

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