Having just missed the street-smart, post-punk band Carbon/Silicon here in Boston (they played a sold out TTs earlier this month,) I thought I would take a few minutes and share a couple of CS tracks with you good readers.

CS is the brainchild of Mick Jones (The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite) and Tony James (Generation X.) The creativity here was born in Punk Fire, but steeled in years of wizened editing, production and touring. The band has a particularly ironic lyric tradition and an edgy sound. Different and displaced from both artist's early musical backgrounds - CS has carved out new and often intelligent audiences.

The Mick Jones we hear on these records is far more Big Audio Dynamite and BAD II than the man we knew with the Clash. The Tony James is less the angry young man from Generation X and certainly more modern. And that's probably the key to the band. These guys keep changing and surviving.


VOTE: Jones and James in '08


Sean said…
oddly hypnotic and addictive...I dig it. Thanks!

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