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If there is a positive theme I am hearing in independent rock these days, it's folk fusion. You see, these days what rings with the most truth (having some authenticity) is what's most popular with more enlightened audiences. In 2008, this movement is comprised of talented indie-folk artists the world over (Check Beirut, Andrew Bird, DeVotchKa, RaRa Riot and Cloud Cult amongst others.) Each has exceptional sound and great instrumentation... Today's Artist of the Day definitely fits this bill and I've been enjoying their EP album for some time.

SixToes is a hopeful indie rock band playing out of London and certainly beginning to make waves. There are six pieces: David Greenep, Ben Rogers, Anne Carruthers, James Hitchins, Natalie Sedgwick and Andy Hobson - but to be truthful, despite that number, their sound is larger than that still.

Listening to powerful, layered tracks like "Reggae Song" and "Trick of the Night," the band's sound is almost epic. (Kind of like listening blindfolded to a dramatic movie score.) There's more going on than what you can take in all at once. What's going on up on stage here is a very good thing. I look forward to seeing what happens next...

An Explosion of Sound and Movement

Very Highly Recommended Music:
SixToes - Trick of the Night

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