Tom Thumb's Superb Album: "The Taxidermist" (2008)


Quietly, ever so quietly... there is a profound and amazing modern folk movement going on in Boston. At the heart of that revival and beauty is The best Boston Record Released to date in the young 2008. It's "The Taxidermist" by Andy Arch whose nom de guerre - Tom Thumb - serves and describes him well.

You see, Andy has a very pleasant, easy-going nature. But this appearance belies the fact that this artist is a ferocious tiger - a quality that emerges during performances and recording. Andy performs all parts and instruments on the tracks on "The Taxidermist" with few exceptions.

They have a term for this - I believe it's called genius... (But I won't say that because it would upset Andy.) I saw this first hand when Tom played one of the RSL Live Music Showcases in Cambridge. (All the performers were great - my jaw was on the floor half the night.) The music of Tom Thumb is a an absolute feather in Boston's cap.

"The Taxidermist" gets 4.5 of 5 stars!
It's a must have record for acoustic and folk lovers! Catch these songs during the national tour (dates listed below).

ONE TO WATCH in 2008: Andy Arch is Tom Thumb

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