Stage Presence: DAVID FORD

EASTBOURNE, UK: A single voice rises over the din...

An incredible stage presence!

David Ford: Fine Modern Solo Performer

It's difficult to explain: When David Ford performs from beneath a browed hat, his raggedy pants and his furrowed brow and sunken cheeks take on a life all their own. His voice is enormous but at times impossibly small; his persona is sincere. He's up there on stage all alone and the stage, suddenly, seems so large.

Having seen David Ford recently open up for emerging star Ingrid Michaelson, I saw him steal the show while performing in less-than desirable sound circumstances. The show was in the Paradise Lounge and there was house problems with static and feedback. Not good when all there is up on stage is your own voice, your equipment and nothing else. Still, David Ford shined - and stole the show.

The Eastbourne, UK, solo performer uses technology to capture bits and pieces of his performances on stage and feeds them back in perfect time. He essentially plays in a band of David Fords with the use of a loop pedal. (He plays the piano - locks it in; records a back vocal - locks it in; picks up the guitar, ditto...) We've seen this before with the beautiful and talented KT Tunstall. David Ford is a master of the technology and it suits his style to stand alone before a sea of (always) new fans.

David Ford performs "Go To Hell" on stage:

Stockton Georgian - UK - October 11th, 2007

And this is how it sounds on stage....
The music video without the setup:

"Go To Hell"

David Ford - Go To Hell mp3

BOSTON APPEARANCE: On his way through the states this week, David returns to Boston on Friday (March 14th) to play a very small, intimate show at TT the Bears with Bell X1 and Boston's own This Car Up. It's a night sponsored by WERS.

DAVID FORD: Myspace / Web


A Free Man said…
Great recommendation! I've seen him once and really enjoyed it. A great British artist who's kind of flying under the radar.

If you'll pardon a plug - I'm spinning a new site, A Free Man, out of my personal blog and am hoping to meet some like minded music bloggers. If you have the chance, take a look at my site and if you like it perhaps we could exchange blog roll listings.

All the best,

Wibbler said…
David Ford is mesmerising and not to be missed. There's a great site called that catalogues and shows all his appearances:

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