The Lemonheads: It's A Shame About Ray

I've Never Been Too Good With Names (but I remember faces)

Evan Dando will resurrect "Ray"

Evan Dando's Lemonheads are set to perform the important "It's A Shame About Ray" album live at upcoming dates at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin and in very special back-to-back showcases in New York and Boston.

What's the Significance? The Shame About Ray album is one of the most important records of the 1990s due to its impact on the independent/alternative rock community and on Dando's fellow musicians. The album was released early in 1992 but was soon re-released with an added track - previously only available as a single; the Heads' tremendously popular fast-paced cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson." It sealed the album's place in popular immortality.

1. "Rockin Stroll"
2. "Confetti"
3. "It's A Shame About Ray"
(Words by Dando/Tom Morgan, music by Dando)
4. "Rudderless"
5. "My Drug Buddy"
6. "The Turnpike Down"
7. "Bit Part"
(Words by Dando/Morgan, music by Dando)
8. "Alison's Starting To Happen"
9. "Hannah & Gabi"
10. "Kitchen"
(Nic Dalton)
11. "Ceiling Fan In My Spoon"
12. "Frank Mills"
(James Rado, Jerome Ragni, Arthr MacDermot)
13. "Mrs. Robinson"
(Paul Simon)

I've always been a Lemonheads fan. And I have never been able to see the "It's A Shame About Ray" material performed live. When the Lemonheads (co-founded by Dando and Ben Deily) broke up in 1997, I assumed I would never have the opportunity. When Dando reformed the band in 2005, he reformed the group with new members. (Deily went on to work in advertising and moonlighted in the band Varsity Drag.) Unfortunately, Dando declined to play some of the Lemonheads most popular songs - especially "Mrs. Robinson," which disappointed audiences.

Turn the Page: The Lemonheads released new material on Vagrant Records and Dando is ready to embrace his past. Part of the love for "It's A Shame About Ray" will appear on stage in Austin, Texas next week. Fans both old enough to remember and young and excited enough to fall for the material will see the band jam with top independent rock groups from around the world. Evan Dando was born and grew up in Boston. Part of Dando's love for "Ray" will be devoted to Boston and NYC - where the band and his reputation were made.

The Lemonheads - It's a Shame About Ray mp3
(recorded live in Austin)

Dates: Spending more than a week in the southwest - The Lemonheads head east and will perform the record from front to back before a NYC audience at the Bowery Ballroom on March 30th and before a Boston crowd at the Paradise on April 1st.

Mar 10
- Phoenix, AZ
The Brickhouse

Mar 11 - Albuquerque, NM

Mar 12 - Austin
Emo’s Annex

Mar 13 - Dallas
Granada Theater

Mar 14 - Austin
Levi’s Fader Fort

Mar 14 - Austin
Austin Convention Center

Mar 15 - Austin
The Bat Bar/Austin Convention Center

Mar 30 - New York City
The Bowery Ballroom

Apr 1 - Boston
The Paradise



Anonymous said…
I saw them perform this album a couple of years ago in London. It was an amazing gig. Since the album is only half an hour (and they don't play Mrs. Robinson), they finished it and then did a beautiful "Best of" set. Highly recommended!

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