Shhhhhh. Super Bowl 42 Commercials will Rock n Roll!

DATELINE: Phoenix, Arizona -

Music and sales have long danced the samba together and we all know that the Super Bowl is the King of all advertising events. O - sweet music! According from more than one source in the know, tomorrow's Super Bowl advertisements will be dominated by the music of up-and-coming independent rock musicians, old favorites and lots of Justin Timberlake. Here's the inside scoop on what you can expect, music-wise, between the plays during the commercial breaks ...


There's More music to the Super Bowl than the Half-Time Show

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson
made quite a splash at SB XXXVIII

Don't miss any of the commercials this year music fans, there promises to be a number of your favorite indie rock bands jamming out for their favorite new products. This isn't a new trend - as it costs the advertisers relatively little to grab a track from an up-and-coming act than a song from the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. Filter magazine is offering some insight into some of the commercials and artists - expect more like the offering from Band of Horses (Ford Edge, video below) or the I-Pod Nano spot featuring Feist.

Chip-maker Doritos will make a winner of as of yet new indie rock band tomorrow. Promoting their zesty chips, they will spotlight the winner of an ongoing band search. The long contest is over, the indie rock band that won will be showcased tomorrow.

One of the commercials featuring the magnetic power of Justin Timberlake (again) has been leaked. Here it is:

Justin Timberlake for Pepsi

and here...

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (FreeForm Five remix) mp3

Not all the music this year is new. That's not going to change the fact that Pepsi spent a hell of a lot of money. Check out Haddaway's "What is Love?" with several star appearances. It's another new commercial for SB 42...

Band of Horses for Ford

Band of Horses - Is there a Ghost mp3


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