RED HOT '08 :: The Photographic

DATELINE: Louisville, Kentucky -

One of the music projects I am most excited about in 2008 is an instrumental duo from Kentucky. The Photographic are guitarist Jamey See Tai and drummer Chad Blevins. The duo use their own instrumentation, some synth effects and looping to create a sonic presence that rivals that of hugely talented instrumentalists Explosions in the Sky.

Galaxia Records will release a remarkable album on March 11th called, "Pictures of a Changing World" - an album that has become a driving soundtrack in my car and in my life the last few weeks.


Nic Tse photo

It's really hard to imagine a listener not enjoying these songs. The Photographic gently assault your senses; knocking down walls that close your mind.

BRAND NEW (currently unreleased music!)
The Photographic - Secure

Pictures of a Changing World

Set for a March release

I'm a visual and auditory person (shock & surprise) - but even I was amazed at the pictures and images I created and imagined listening to this music. My mind wrote movie scripts, my eyes were illuminated from the inside. That's good stuff.

The Photographic
Myspace / Galaxia Records


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