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Justice of the Unicorns could be the best new band of 2008. The Brooklyn band has begun to, as Bob Dylan said: "Change my way of thinking." They, with with the "bizarro name," are ever part as wonderful and similarly artistic as three highly revered and successful modern "bizzaro acts" - Ween, the Flaming Lips and solo artist Beck - and yet still somehow Justice of the Unicorns is still its own animal.

JOTU's new album (their second full-length release) will hit store shelves next month. Change is the way of the world and I promise you - there will be much, much more to be said on this band. Read on brave of heart - we are entering The Age of the Unicorn.


They will rock you. Justice of the Unicorns is: Russell "Rusty" Dungan - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Jason Lam - Guitar, Daniel Forbes - Bass and lap steel, Anthony Cangelosi - Drums, and Yasmin Reshamwala - keyboards.

The talented Dungan and Lam are guilty conspirators in Tigers and Monkeys - another amazing New York band which released a tragically good rock album, "Loose Mouth," in 2007. For all their work, Tigers and Monkeys earned a spot on last year's very exclusive RSL Top 40 Artists List. I suspect there might be room Justice of the Unicorns on this year's list...

With song lyrics that sometimes make you laugh (lyrics about the movies Krull and Labyrinth) and stories that touch the heart and make you want to cry, Justice of the Unicorns' INCREDIBLE new album is one to have. "Angels with Uzis" - will be released in March on Little Lamb Recordings. It comes to you HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - one of the year's first must-have indie rock recordings.

The recommended album set for release this March:

Justice of the Unicorns
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