Artist to Watch - THE MOTION SICK


To understand what I now know about The Motion Sick, it helps to appreciate a good storytelling and a great pop song. The band's songs grow stronger track and track, fed by strong lyrics and interesting imagery. This is excellent news for wordsmiths and poets - who have been all but abandoned by musicians these days. The band's brand new second album is titled, "The Truth Will Catch You, Just Wait..." is in stores and available online. There is more to this music than just pretty prose and interesting narratives (two qualities too often lacking). The strength of The Motion Sick's choruses and instrumentation only re-enforce the strength of Michael Epstein's vocal deliveries. The band also harbors a most interesting image - think past and present (1934 meets 1956 who introduces us to 1981 / Thomas Edison meets Thomas Dolby and Dr. Who for lunch) all wrapped up in one. All this makes The Motion Sick a most interesting subject and certainly worthy of the RSL "Artist to Watch" mantle. It will be great to see what they do next...



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