The 2007 Music Blog Zeitgeist

Hype the Hype Baby!

The Hype Machine has gone and produced one hell of a comprehensive Top 50 List for 2007. They took a whole mess of bloggers' Top Albums Lists from 2007 (Here's My List, again and The RSL Music Awards) and combined them all into a Mega List. (Top 50 Bands, Top 50 Songs and Top 50 Albums of the year!)

They're calling the thing the 2007 Zeitgeist Collection. Sounds pretty good to me. Zeitgeist, by the way, means Time Ghost - it's the name given for the theory that each age has it's spirit. (You would know that if you ever read up on your Nietzsche.) No matter - for those who have already read a whole lot of Year End lists, there's not many surprises here - but it's definitely worth a look.


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