Ryan Adams & his Killers Rocked Ann Arbor (2003)


I published this show waaaaaaaaay on back in October of 2006 when this blog was equally as good, just far less read than it is these days. Every so often, I look back and republish something cool - like this live Ryan Adams gig from 2003 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This is a spiced up live show - An interesting reference to the band The Killers. The 2003 set list contains a few songs that RA no longer seems interested playing live. Ultimately what you have here is pretty damn cool. Enjoy...

Ryan Adams rocked Ann Arbor

There's nothing like one of his live shows!

On fire: In 2003, Ryan Adams was playing Rock with a different set of Killers.

The Story of the Ryan Adams Killers (in a nutshell)
as told to me by a wandering blind wiseman on a cold dark night...

The year is 2003 and Ryan Adams is touring to support the Rock N Roll album. He has had a great year business-wise but makes one mistake when he elects to name his backing band for the tour "The Killers." This did not rest well with another existing band of "Killers" starring Brandon Flowers. The result was a cease and desist order from their label issued to Mr. Adams. But for several nights on tour - including this remarkable set in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ryan Adams played with his own Killers. And they kind of rocked really hard. I did a little research to find the band members' names. This show has made the rounds but is worthy of another listen.


Ryan Adams and his Killers were
Ryan Adams (vocals / guitar)
Jamie Candiloro (keyboards / guitar)
Jonathan Flaugher (bass)
Johnny McNabb (guitar)
Brad Rice (guitar / background vocals)
Johnny T (drums)

- The Michigan Theatre -
Ann Arbor, MI - 12/11/03

* Editor's Note: This material should be taken in the proper light of it's context. Ryan Adams is a complicated and accomplished artist. He no longer performs the majority of these songs live - but there is excellent historical importance to the songs performed during this period as they serve as highway markers for the performer. Ryan's continual development is a source of mystery and wonder for his fans.

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