Radiohead :: the 2008 Tour

I admit a growing fascination with Radiohead. I guess I'm not alone.

The band continues to prove that they are leaders of conscience, of industry and creativity these days. They are, relatively speaking, without an equal here in 2008. It is largely for this reason that I have declined to plug the band incessantly. If you need examples: I didn't so much as mention a word about Radiohead's "pay what you will" digital release of their new "In Rainbows" album. The record was two years in the making - time in which the band played those songs (tried them out, really) in front of sold out audiences. (More in this in a minute!) I also declined to mention their legal and rights struggles with EMI (their former record label) which have helped force a new paradigm or music model on the world last year. The result, time and time again, is hype and uber-hype.

Radiohead has gone and done it again. By announcing a 2008 Tour list by city, the band has stirred excitement while not revealing a single venues or an actual date. Interesting. The results can only be good for the band. They can pick and choose their date and venue of choice ("the lion's share" - n'est pas?) Radiohead, again, has turned the industry on its ear.


Photos, Review and Download the mp3s!!!!



Unknown said…
Believe it nor not, that's the recording I made and shared after the show, but it looks like someone changed all the tag work I did on them.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Well I owe you my thanks then - it's a great recording. I actually traded for this show and have seen it elsewhere since then as well. I think on a torrent site - but not positive on that.

Glad you got it!
Anonymous said…
Hey everyone, check out my remix if you get a chance:

Radiohead - Nude (Minty Fresh Remix)

Anonymous said…
Hi folks,

Here is my "Bristol" version, Bristol being the home town of Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, and many other great artists.

Hope you like it, and don't forget to vote!

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