Mooninite Past Haunts Boston - One Year Later


Just one year removed from the most famous "non-incident" event in the city of Boston's history....
I stop for a moment, and ask, What happened? And, How have we all grown? If you are at all puzzled - I am asking you about "Mooninite-Gate" or attack of the "Zebbler-ism", "The Hanging of The Lite-Brites..."

Whatever you want to call it - the events of 1/31/07 are now a year old. I remember, and evidently so does much of the world. Boston, you still have a funny little black eye for this one.


1/31/07 - One Year Later, I know I feel safer...

The sad thing is that there are still those who want to blame the dreadlocked non-criminal accomplice Zebbler (the only good thing to come out of this whole ridiculous event due to his fun, laissez-faire attitude and crazy hair) for the corporate advertising campaign which struck fear in the out-of-touch hearts of the aged and unfamiliar. Am I guilty of age-ism, no. Pessimism and Realism? Probably.

I still have to ask this question - why would a multi-million dollar emergency response team not have enough common sense to ask why a terrorist would elect to equip a bomb with a series of lights in rainbow colors (basically saying - "look at me! look at me!") depicting a funny little alien creature?? There is no reasonable answer. I guess it's better to laugh then to cry!

Here's the link to the on-the-fly blog entry I wrote a year-ago today, when things were still unfolding (the authorities at this point still thought these things might be explosives and were still treating the poor Zebbler like a member of Al Queda).


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