Indie Rock Greatness in 2008!

DATELINE: Austin, Texas + Cannes, France

Right here and now I will make a bold prediction. By the end of 2008, Austin's BLACK and WHITE YEARS will have one of the best records of the year. The band was a relative unknown in their own hometown when it was invited to attend 2007's SxSW Music Music Festival. By the time the festival was over, they had gained a slew of loyal, eager fans who had very little of the band's recorded material to share with friends. All that is about to change...


The Austin indie rock band plays Cannes this month!

The band got a contract and an amazing record producer -- Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads! -- and I introduced them all to you. (Here is my very interesting interview from last March.) The band played the CMJ Music Festival in New York in 2007. Here in 2008 - Things are really starting to blow up for the Black and White Years as they prepare for their first widespread album release - tentatively set for February 12th. In just days, the Black and White Years will play Cannes at the MIDEM Music Festival before an immense music audience. (Only 30 bands world-wide are invited to play this event!)

In March, the band will conclude an absolutely incredible year of growth and achievement with another appearance at South by Southwest in Austin. My Recommendation: Get in on this!

Black and White Years Myspace
Black and White Years Web
Black and White Years :: The RSL Interview
(mp3 download)
Black and White Years at MIDEM 2008 - January 29th

the new album drops on February 12th!


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