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In the UK, the beauty and rising star of singing talent Kate Nash are no secret. Now those of us in the States have another reason to thank England. With the North American release of Kate Nash's debut album: "Made of Bricks," 2008 has its first hot must-have album of the year. Check it out:


A page lifted from Qvest Magazine.... featuring Kate Nash

There are certainly similarities to be drawn here with Lily Allen - last year's spark plug singer from England. Such comparisons are only fair. (The world only produces a dozen truly gifted multi-national debuts each year.) The comparisons continue - but only to a point... Nash's "Made of Bricks" has a playful presentation (just like Allen's "Alright Still,") but the thoughts here are more developed, perhaps just a bit more adult. The albums are similar, yet different animals. I would suggest that you should indulge in Kate's songs - even if you opted to skip on those released by Lily Allen... One might say that Kate Nash's "Made of Bricks" is the right album for right now...

Highly Recommended and Brand New
Kate Nash - Foundations
Kate Nash - We Get On

Kate Nash's Bowery Ballroom gig
(NYC) tonight is sold out.

More Kate Nash:
Web / Myspace / Wikipedia


Anonymous said…
Ahh, she's so charming. If you check out our blog (it's swedish but you can still look at the pictures ;-)) you'll see a live version of Foundations from Later with Jools Holland. Great stuff!

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