The Ultimate Season Ending Playlist - Reflections of the Office Christmas Party

The Season is underway, but for the most part the crying is over. The office party gives an excellent opportunity for you to think about your future and to consider your options. Did you get a bonus? Was it really that lame?!

And what about those people you spend all that time with all year long? No, not your family or friends.... I'm talking about the person sitting in the next cubicle from you at work; the idiots in the sales force, the socially backward engineers, the lazy bastard who does nothing and the executive who holds the key to your financial future. A rare look at the Season through the Eyes of the Office Party...

Songs for the Office Party

A Witty Mix - Share it With a Friend


Sean said…
Hey, great list. The Fountains of Wayne album Welcome Interstate Managers has a few great candidates as well including "Bright Future in Sales" and "Hey Julie".

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