Rob Crow's Year of Music - Living Well and Up

2007 Album Review Recap:

Pinback's Rob Crow had quite a year. He released two solo albums (a full-length and an EP release) in 2007. Here are my reviews. Definitely check these out and pick them up if you are so inclined....

Pinback's Rob Crow is spending more time at home these days.

Here's an exceptional solo album that you should probably know about. I was impressed by a handful of the tracks on first listen. Crow has shown some serious progress with these songs. The music is more paced and mature. The sounds are well-produced and even. The promotion material I received from Advanced Media indicates that many believe these gains to be because Rob is spending more time at home with his newborn son. No matter the reason for the progress, this album is a serious step in the right direction and cause for celebration.

Initially, some of the songs gave the songs sounded a little forced but that was likely due to my knee-jerk expectations for what a musician from Pinback might sound like as a solo artist. I look back now and tell you that Rob brings a lot to the table and makes you forget the rules. With an additional listen, the tracks found a comfortable home within the landscape of my current music playlist. The slow, deliberate song structures (punctuated by bits of silence between notes) made for enjoyable listening. I really enjoyed chilling out and listening to this record.

Two Songs from Living Well

The incredible solo artist and Pinback front man has gone and done it again. He held back at least three songs from his latest release and they can now be part of your collection. "The "Up" three-song single is must-have stuff. Rob Crow, you just keep getting better!

Oops - He did it again...

Rob Crow - Up


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