Reverse Graphiti Art - Alexandre Orion

WHAT IS ART? The artistic removal of dirt, exhaust remains and soot from a tunnel in Brazil by artist Alexandre Orion (a famous graphiti artist) raises some eyebrows. It doesn't take long for Orion's artwork to result in the arrival of the police. We see him issued a pair of tickets (again for the removal of dirt...) The road crew is brought in to clean it all away and remove the artwork. Here is your only chance to ever see it!


Reverse Graphiti from Alexandre Orion
The city left the filth in place until this piece went up.
The artwork and the dirt have been removed.

Music accompaniment: "Ossario" by Instituto

A piece by Orion.

Like Bansky - Orion's puts a new spin on everyday life.

Who is Alexandre Orion?


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