The Return of the Sheila Divine - Win Free Tickets!

In 2003 one of the most enigmatic bands to play a Boston stage called it quits. The end of "The Sheila Divine" broke a number of hearts both here and in Europe where the band was earning a following. For a few special dates over the next week and beyond, the band is back for select dates - providing a few thousand people the opportunity to party like it's 1999!

Return of the Sheila Divine

From 1997 - 2003, few bands more popular in Boston

From the Sheila Divine Wikipedia page:
The Sheila Divine were a Boston based rock group from 1997 to 2003. Critics compared their sound to the band's own heroes, mainly early 1980s post-punk. The band was most often noted for its loud/soft musical dynamic and Aaron's Perrino soaring vocals, screaming in key one moment and howling a falsetto the next. The band had a large die hard fan base in what was often called "the three Bs": Boston, Buffalo, and Belgium.

The band most often explained that they took the name from the Australian term "sheila", which denotes an effeminate man or wimp - thus making them in a literal sense, the sacred wimps. The name is also similar to that of the suicidal main character of the book Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York. However, they took their name directly from a college friend named Sheila Divine. After changing the spelling and operating as Sheila Divine for several months the "The" was added to distinguish the band from such female artists as Fiona Apple.

The band will play the next three nights here in the city. On Thursday, the band will play a short set appearing at TT the Bears in Central Square Cambridge playing as part of a five-band line-up to benefit longtime TT's bartender Jeanne Connolly, who is combating cancer. (Story)

On Friday and Saturday (12/28 and 12/29) The Sheila Divine are the bill headliners for a pair of reunion shows at the Paradise in Boston. I will be there on Friday night to get a taste of history in the making!

WIN - WIN - WIN: I purchased a few extra tickets to Friday Night's Reunion Show (which is either sold out or very close) EMAIL ME with your contact information (put Sheila Divine in the subject line) for a chance to win a free ticket!

The Memories:
I moved to Boston in 1998 - a year after the band formed. I was heading into clubs when the band was in its salad days. I was and still am a fan. It is with great pleasure I promote the show and share with you a classic Sheila Divine show from 2001 at the Paradise (the very same venue!)

The Archive is Open!
The songs are from the Sheila Divine Archive - the single best and most complete page for all things related to the band in the entire world. The tracks and live shows are meticulously ordered. This could be one of the best music web pages ever.

March 29th, 2001 - The Paradise, Boston

Live Shows: TT the Bears (Thursday 27th)
The Paradise (Friday 28th and Saturday 29th)

Sheila Divine: Myspace
The Sheila Divine Archive (recommended)

Email me your contact info with "Sheila Divine" in the subject line.
You must be able to meet me for the ticket. No transfers. Must be able to attend.


Unknown said…
Hello,my name is denise and this may sound strange but I am only a huge fan of Aaron Perrino,I really would like like to say lol Hello if by chance Aaron may read or get this message.I am a Buffalo FAN of his and truely would love to meet him one day,well again maybe Aaron has a page or facebook I can check out the Shellia Divine as well as him self...HI Aaron Perrino I'm Denise and wish to one day have the chance to meet you...What a awsome band,,not weird I am just a huge fan of the shelia dive and more some of Aaron perrino,well by fate lol and also I am on facebook if by chance he's single?Which I am sure he's not,,,,but hes worth the try....Love ya Aaron denise 38 from BUFFALO NY seen you in buffalo a while back would like to see your band again if anything,,,,please I am a huge fan...oxox

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