The Ks are Back! New Material from the NY Indie Rockers

One of the greatest live bands (and certainly one of the most fun!) in New York City is the Ks - a group I have come to know and love over the last couple years. Last year I shared their first album, "Skunk" with you - and I found myself playing it time and time again. (Consider the size of the music collection and the fact that I would opt for them over much more famous options - well it's a mighty compliment.) The Ks have just released their second album, "Can't Get It Together," - an album full of quality material that could make them one of the greatest live bands in New York. If you have the opportunity to check them out live - you gotta do it! This is one of most fun bands going!

From the "Can't Get It Together" album:

The Ks - Last Trip to the Well

The Ks are:
Daniel Kilian - Singer
Ray Beyda - Guitar
Ian McLaughlin - Debasser
Dave "Soup" Campbell - Drums
Dave Prager - Trombone
Marty Sachs - Tenor Sax
Jon Mossberg - Alto Sax

From the "Skunk" album:

The Ks - Baby Why Your Eyes So Wild?
Copies of "Skunk" are still available: (Here)

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