James Blunt's finest - Covering the Pixies!

I just wanted to share with you the best James Blunt recording I have ever heard... I'll admit I am not very well informed when it comes to his work.. But as soon as I heard Blunt's live cover of Frank Black's, "Where is My Mind," I was pretty bowled over! It's a song made famous, actually, by the Pixies' version in the movie Fight Club. Blunt's version is pretty good.

To close out this mini-post (more to come later...,) I have included Blunt's memorable performance on Sesame Street!




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Anonymous said…
Just so you know, the version on the fight club movie is actually the pixies. it's not placebo, although placebo did cover the song at some point
Ryan Spaulding said…
Thanks. Actually a little research overturned the fact: It's a Frank Black song performed by the Pixies. I made the adjustment.

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