Electrifying - THE EELS end 2007 on a High Note

Ending the year on a high note: The Eels have a pair of super high quality projects for me to share with you. First) the band is releasing a best of CD, "MEET THE EELS" with two unreleased tracks and a DVD collection of Eels videos, as well as a 2 CD collection of rarities and unreleased tracks, "USELESS TRINKETS," which comes with a DVD of performances from the 2006 Eels Lollapalooza show. For a limited time if you buy the CDs and DVDs you will receive a free Eels tee-shirt!
Meet The Eels

The second project relates to Eels frontman E (Mark Oliver Everett). Late last month, the BBC aired a special about Everett and his father which can still be located (and I believe, purchased) through the BBC. "Parallel Universes, Parallel Lives," the documentary film about the Eels band leader and his quantum physicist father, "Many Worlds Theory" author Hugh Everett III. The film depicts E on a journey to learn more about his late father and his theory of parallel universes, and features an all-EELS soundtrack.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Hugh Everett's most important contribution to science – a controversial theory of quantum mechanics that predicts the existence of parallel universes, one of the most fantastic scientific predictions ever to have been conceived.

Hugh wrote the theory as a young Ph.D. student at Princeton University, but for 20 years it remained largely ignored by the scientific community. Faced with derision and rejection Everett abandoned academia and forged a career in the American defense industry. It was only at the end of his life, that his visionary work began to be taken seriously.

Mark Oliver Everett

"My father never, ever said anything to me about his theories. I was in the same house with him for at least 18 years but he was a total stranger to me. He was in his own parallel universe. He was a physical presence, like the furniture, sitting there jotting down crazy notations at the dining room table night after night. I think he was deeply disappointed that he knew he was a genius but the rest of the world didn't know it," - Mark Oliver Everett.

The Eels start off the New Year with a tour through the EU. More: Eels on Tour 2008.

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BBC Special: Parallel Universes, Parallel Lives


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