Boston's Best Kept Secret? Annie Lynch & the Beekeepers


One of 2007's Best Albums!

A self-titled album release from Boston's Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers could prove to be one of the best national releases this year. The band is producing some old-time Americana music with the cello, the accordian, the bass, the mandolin, guitar and even a bow and saw. I hosted the band during a November 27th show (Ryan's Smashing Life presents) in Cambridge. While I had heard their music online - nothing could prepare me for the life-giving, smile-bringing performance that would unfold.... And it wasn't just the instrumentation! The players: Lynch, Mat Davidson, Alex Spalding, and Ken Woodward have a great collective charisma - they work very well together and all this is reflected on the brand new record.

And then there is the angelic voice of Annie Lynch. She lifts up the listener and spirits you away to another place - another time... How far away? That depends on the set length! I compare Lynch's singing voice favorably to that of Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins) or perhaps a cross between the talented Lewis and beautiful singer Dawn Landes.

Comparisons may be made, but the music and voice must be heard to be truly appreciated. Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers are Boston's Best Kept Secret! (I just don't think this will be the case for long.) - Ryan

Annie Lynch & the Beekeepers


Anonymous said…
Wow! She's great! Thanks so much for this introduction. :)

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