Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best of '07 - Benzos (the hot album & new free material!)

ON FURTHER REVIEW: I revisit some of the best records I wrote about this year....

Benzos are a highly recommended Brooklyn band with a deep, deep sound. I have been enjoying their new album, "Branches" since I received my copy in the mail in July. (Directions for use: Play (set to repeat) - Walk Away. I keep finding myself getting lost between the notes!

Here are songs like waves - tracks that can teach you to swim or sweep you away in the night tide! The four-piece band have a sound all their own. The music has a dark soul but also has its moments of promise and light. While very much different, the mental state you are left in is refreshing - think "Radiohead-loss-of-your-mind" good. You don't need to fully understand where it comes from in order to thoroughly enjoy it. Let's get started ...

BENZOS released a great album in '07

Branches is the new album

Generally speaking, there are other bands out there making the type of music that Benzos have produced on the "Branches" album - but just not as well. An unexpected treat and a highly recommended album!

"Coup D'etat!"

Benzos - Coup D'Etat

Benzos are celebrating the holiday season by giving away their new single and two b-sides from the Branches album! Help yourself to this brand new song, visit the band's site to download the b-sides - then head over to the myspace page for exclusive remixes of Benzo's best material.

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