Belle & Sebastian's NEW Christmas Song!

Merry Christmas Music Lovers

Belle and Sebastian want you to have something brilliant on your holiday:
It's their brand new track - written especially for this Christmas!

Free for download - but only for the next twenty-four hours.... Get in on this! Belle and Sebastian are giving you a copy of their brand new song: "Are You Coming Over for Christmas?" All you have to do is visit their Myspace page to grab the track.

Fair warning. The offer expires at Midnight on Christmas night! (download for just one day)

Belle & Sebastian

Are You Coming Over for Christmas?

Best of Love and Wishes to my readers and friends
(increasingly one and the same) in 2008.

Listen to good music. Be Good to People.
Improve Your Lives. Try to Smile often. Eat Well.

Belle and Sebastian
Myspace (free download) / Web

helpful hint: I had some trouble downloading the Christmas single.
Shut down the myspace player first. Then try downloading it - it should work better!
Keep trying, the single is worth it.


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