2007 Recap: Jude and the Low Stars

ON FURTHER REVIEW: I revisit the best artists and material I wrote about this year....

In a world of entertainers
Jude Christodal
stands out

I listened to the demos of some songs by The Low Stars back in February of this year - (wow, almost a year ago at this point...) It was a relatively hard to find indie recording at that time. Since then I ran into the album in a Starbucks when I popped in to get a dark roast and an expresso... What a difference a few months makes. At the heart of the Low Stars is Jude Christodal - a talented singer songwriter who goes by simple stage name "Jude." He was born and raised in the Boston area by a music-loving family. At some point the artist in Jude felt the westward pull to Los Angeles and there he went to pursue his passion. He wrote music and performed at open mike nights. Somewhere along the way he got really good.

Jude's latest project - "the Low Stars"

Opportunity knocks only so often. Low Stars found theirs by teaming four singers (including Jude) who share a passion – for vocal harmonies originally inspired by Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Eagles. Listening to this music is like listening to your own heritage. Solid songs!

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