The Willowz in Cambridge

Quotation: “I just wish I could be in two places at once...” Rick LeBeau.

So I missed it. One of my favorite bands playing the States these days on Wednesday night to see another. Fate, you are one mean customer! Next week I will probably be searching for something to do... Alas, I missed you Willowz (top ten record of 2007) live at the Middle East - but certainly not for a lack of wanting to check out the show! (And, doesn't it figure - the band was looking for me in the crowd?!) But I did get a chance to see new favorites Georgie James (weirdly, another top ten album in 2007) at Great Scott ! (More on this awesome show later)

The Willowz in Cambridge at TT the Bears, July 20, 2007

Probably one of the best live bands I saw this year... From Anaheim, California it's The Willowz. The four piece band (signed to Dim Mak records) played a damn tight live show at T.T. the Bear's in Cambridge's Central Square on July 20. They were the opener for the Detroit Cobras - but were so good, they could have been the headliners. Not only were Richie and Jessica great to talk to - they probably couldn't have done much better live. Everyone likes to talk about fusion acts. Generally these are alternative and ethnic beats or electronica with metal or rap... etc. The Willowz sound like southern rock with a touch of Led Zeppelin, the White Stripes and Kings of Leon mixed in for good measure. No matter what label anyone puts on them - the band is damn good live. A performance includes jams that allow one song to merge with another. This isn't a jam band, but you might not know it at times. The performances of all were energetic and fun - but, my god - Loren Shane Humphrey's drums killed! (Incredible work my friend!) The RSL "Best of So Far 2007 List will be published in these pages within the next two weeks - "Chautauqua" - the third record from the Willowz is a breakout release and it WILL be on the list. Pick it up and thank me later. (You will.)


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