Two Songs of the Day - Band of Horses and Id Guinness

I just got back from my holiday excursion - seeing family over gravy.... A little run down at the moment - I am going to let you listen, unwind with me and listen to some utterly stellar music. For those unfamiliar with the le blog format here on RSL: I run a top 40 albums of the year list. (Here is the list from 2006 - shhhhh!)

Thirty of those magical 2007 albums were shared with you just recently. The two songs of the day today are from artists who will be making the cut and will appear in the top 40 which will run in two weeks. If you think of it, my list is the ultimate buyers guide for the indie rock fanatic on your shopping list - even if that little maniac is you! The first of the two songs is by Band of Horses - a group who you may have read about and listened to numerous times, most recently back on November 7th as I let the cat out of the bag that their magical "Cease to Begin" is pretty much a must have.... No, not a fortune teller. I just have good ears. The song I have included here by BOH is "The End's Not Here."

The Next song is an another winner from Vancouver's Id Guinness. Id just released his debut LP and it's already won my vote for Underground Album of the Year and it clearly will make my top 40 records released in '07 list.

Singing A New Song - Id Guinness

I just wrote about Id, but without the benefit of a dedicated media machine - he definitely could use the mentions. Promoting fine music from artists like Id Guinness is why mp3 blogs were created. Please enjoy his track, "Down to This." And please follow-up by listening to his album. It's incredible music!

Without further ado.... Your two songs of the day:


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