Tonight's Can't Miss Show in Boston

I don't do enough of these "the day of" promos any more - I'm just too busy with my regular day job. But I just couldn't stop chatting up this show tonight. Washington D.C.'s Georgie James hit the city tonight (appearing at Great Scott with Aquaduct and Tulsa) and I would love to see a whole lot of you regular readers there. This band is an indie powerhouse and I predict by this time next year, they will be the name on the lips of many a hopeful hipsters.

The Main Event in Boston tonight: GEORGIE JAMES

This level of personal dedication on my part doesn't come without great merit. I recently named the band's Places album one of my top ten albums of the year. If that doesn't stir you alone, check out the profile I wrote up on the band back in September and listen to this track:


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