The Johnny Cash Show (1969-1971) on DVD - Free Giveaway!

I wasn't alive when the Johnny Cash Show originally aired, but I have seen the video clips on PBS and on youtube. The man got some of the best talent to play on his show during a two-year span during which 58 episodes were filmed. Here's your chance to get the Best of this collection!

Now Available: Johnny Cash and Friends live on DVD

During special tapings of the Johnny Cash Show - when guests agreed to do so and Cash felt so inclined - he would join them up on stage for a duet. Such was the case when Bob Dylan appeared on the show in it's first season in 1969. Dylan performed "I Threw It All Away." Cash would join Dylan for a most memorable "Girl of the North Country." Now a great number of these performances- - The Best of the Johnny Cash Show 1969-1971 are available in remastered quality on DVD. The 2-disc collection captures the best of Cash and his guests during a period which music was changing the world. The collection features rare, live performances of Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Waylon Jennings, Ray Charles, Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, Derek and the Dominos, and many more!

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash!

Ray Charles and Johnny Cash!

I am giving away a two-DVD copy of the Best of the Johnny Cash Show. All you have to do is drop me an email with "Johnny Cash" in the subject line - with your contact information. The winner will get their copy in the mail in just a few days! Email me: The RSL Music Blog - Boston

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Anonymous said…
Great stuff! Have you seen the one with Johnny Cash and Louie Armstrong? It's amazing: Blue Yodel. I wish we had shows like that nowdays.

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