RSL: One Year Ago - A Profile of Massachusett's own Transient

Sometimes it's easy to forget some of the fantastic live bands I have written about. With an average of 20 new band profiles a month -- that's a hell of a lot of exposures. A year ago I wrote about Transient - a really excellent group that doesn't perform that many shows these days. (Get out there guys, I would love to see you play a live show soon!) I caught the band playing a live jam out in Worcester last year and ended up hanging out with the bassist Scott.

Transient re-entered my mind two days ago as I took a visual tour of part of my music collection. I was glad to have locate a pair of the band's EPs. Re-showcasing the band today allows me to revisit the past and re-dedicate my resources to promoting bands in New England. Help your friends and good things will come of it! Enjoy:

In November 2006, RSL asked:
Is Transient one of the best unsigned bands in New England?

Transient on Myspace


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