Review: The Mellowcore Genius of Tim Gilbertson

DATELINE: Alberta, Canada:

The songs begin with a flourish... The steady drum beat and string of wispy lyrics strung together with methodical, low - but steady guitar. Welcome to the land where rejuvenating sunshine reaches even the most ragged , darkened corners. It's the sound of power pop technician Tim Gilbertson.

The twenty year-old singer/songwriter just released a self-entitled album capable of soothing the most savage of beasts. I didn't expect to be taken in quite as much as I have by Tim's music. He has a deliberate, feel-good pace and casual style on this album. (I liken him on this record to Pete Droge - who is incredible live.) Not bad for a newcomer. (Not bad at all for anybody!) Tim Gilbertson is well on his way. Expect great things and remember you heard it here first!

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